Monday, November 30, 2015

New Doll\Новенькая Королева Анна.

What a day! I finally finished my big 19inch wooden Queen Anne and I think she is gorgeous! So sassy!!
It took me much time and lots of nerves to create this wayward girl... It seems like she was already a person when she was a piece of wood.
Now I can proudly present her to the world.
Here she is!

And some pictures of the doll process:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Compo Kemmer & Reinhardt. Before and after my restoration/ Композитная Кеммер и Рейнгард. До и после моей реставрации.

Here is a little compo girl (both head and body) which was in such a bad condition that I thought I would never rescue her. But, after curtain manipulations and hours and hours of work she looks alive and beautiful! I washed all the ugly paint away, (God knows how difficult it was!), restored her head, made a new make-up similar to the original, made her new closes, shoes and wig....
Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Кукла Королевы Анны во французском стиле/ French style Queen Anne Doll

Новая кукла. Полностью деревянная. Покрыта левкасом и воском. Расписана акрилом и маслом. Волосы настоящие, глазки стеклянные, сделаны на заказ, одежда и аксессуары съемные.
This is my new type of the dolls. She is completely wooden one, and looks very close to the original early English wooden dolls. Hand carved from basswood, painted with oil and acrylic paints, finish cover is wax.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Some new dolls and some news\ Новости и новые куколки.

Привет, мои дорогие! У меня есть отличная новость! Теперь я делаю репродукции Королев Анн полностью из дерева, как и положено. Работы, конечно, прибавилось, но и результат более чем)). Так что следите за новинками, а пока куколка на заказ, пока еще из полимерной глины с восточным гардеробом ее "мамочки", которую я сделала ранее.
Hello, darlings! I have some good news for you! From now I am making completely wooden dolls. They look more authentic and more unique. I just LOVE the result. 
And now here is a little doll I've made for order, she is made of polymer clay. A little earlier I was making her "mom" which is already at home in the USA, and this one is going to join her & takes a little Oriental trousseau for her.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Добрый всем вечер! У нас похолодало! НАКОНЕЦ!!! А то уже совсем грустно было, изнывать от июльской жары в сентябре....
У меня для вас новая куколка. Все как всегда, только в этот раз она не просто репродукция. Она моя Золушка!
Hello my friends! The weather in my city became much colder, so....HURRAY! It was soooooo hard to survive in this kind of circumstances. It was like July in September! Nightmare indeed! But now everything is fine and we can enjoy an Autumn that has started.
I would like to introduce my new Queen Anne styled doll. Everything as usual, but the legs construction is a little bit another.
And the slippers.... I think that she's my Cinderella!