Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lady Caroline. Reborn

Lady Caroline was born in August,2017 and she is named after my beautiful friend from the US... She is 17 inches tall, made from wood, covered with gesso. She wears a beautiful green silk walking gown, lace bonnet (stitched to the head), cotton stockings and velvet shoes & light yellow necklace, also she has beautiful cotton undergarments.. And perhaps a week ago she obtained the dark green coat and peddler's container with different amazing stuff, including tiny Queen Anne doll and Panch, so she is a working girl now. All the closes are removable as always. She has a swivel head, which can be removed from her body (just the right thing for Halloween).... She had her journey to the US recently, but due to some misunderstandings she came back to me.... Now she is looking for a new home, so please take a look.


 Hi guys! I've been working on a many dolls recently, because I will tale place in a very big doll-world event - "Fashion doll" show in Kiev next week. I am almost done with all the dolls and stuff, so I can proudly present all of them to you.
The first one will be this gorgeous Queen Anne style wooden doll named Beatrice.... She is soooo french, sophisticated and charming that I don't even know should she be standing on her stand or sitting in an armchear..... Well, hoping you will appreciate her charm and grace.
She is 19 inches, allwooden, human hair, antique glass eyes, antique fabrics, lases and trims.

                                                     A little bit of dolly erotics...ooh-la-la!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sissy, 10 inch Queen Anne repro

Recently I was working on my commissioned 10 inch doll and now she's on her way to her new home, I am hoping she will be loved, taking into account that she was made in a very interesting circumstances and for a very unusual person. She is 10 inches, jointed in hips and knees.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A really big Queen Anne.

Have you seen a girl like this? I think I've never seen an art made Queen Anne doll as big as this fabulous 30 inch lady..... It took me so much time, and nerves...and health, and sleepless night to make her right on-time. Her costume and underpanties...uhhh

Well, too much words I guess. Just look and see!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Queen Anne doll Madalena.

This 14 inches Queen Anne style doll was created for the Doll show in my city but it happened so that she've found her owner before it started. Her name is Madalena. She is from old noble Spanish family.