Friday, December 14, 2018

Marie-Antoinette. The queen of France.

 This doll is very special for me, because it was made for a very special person. This wonderful man is one of my favorite customers, and not only because of so many dolls bought from me, but because he's a real artist by himself! He is so inlove with the dolls and it's always a pleasure to do his commissions, 'causewe are making PROJECTS, not just DOLLS.
The doll is full articulated, made of wood. She poses pretty good, so she can stand or sit almost in any pose. Now she's got 2 pairs of shoes, 4 wigs, 2 dresses, coat, mask, 3 jewelery sets, Gainsborough style hat, pannier, chemise........ But later she will get more and more gowns and stuff. So excited! Just watch the pics)
The doll is SOLD.

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