Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Добрый всем вечер! У нас похолодало! НАКОНЕЦ!!! А то уже совсем грустно было, изнывать от июльской жары в сентябре....
У меня для вас новая куколка. Все как всегда, только в этот раз она не просто репродукция. Она моя Золушка!
Hello my friends! The weather in my city became much colder, so....HURRAY! It was soooooo hard to survive in this kind of circumstances. It was like July in September! Nightmare indeed! But now everything is fine and we can enjoy an Autumn that has started.
I would like to introduce my new Queen Anne styled doll. Everything as usual, but the legs construction is a little bit another.
And the slippers.... I think that she's my Cinderella!