Monday, November 30, 2015

New Doll\Новенькая Королева Анна.

What a day! I finally finished my big 19inch wooden Queen Anne and I think she is gorgeous! So sassy!!
It took me much time and lots of nerves to create this wayward girl... It seems like she was already a person when she was a piece of wood.
Now I can proudly present her to the world.
Here she is!

And some pictures of the doll process:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Compo Kemmer & Reinhardt. Before and after my restoration/ Композитная Кеммер и Рейнгард. До и после моей реставрации.

Here is a little compo girl (both head and body) which was in such a bad condition that I thought I would never rescue her. But, after curtain manipulations and hours and hours of work she looks alive and beautiful! I washed all the ugly paint away, (God knows how difficult it was!), restored her head, made a new make-up similar to the original, made her new closes, shoes and wig....
Enjoy the pictures!