Sunday, September 7, 2014

Новая Queen Anne.

Привет, зайки!
Представляю мою новуб чудесенку. Мне очень нравится результат.
Материалы те же, ткани винтаж, кружева французские, новые. Одежда вся съемная. Подставка деревянная, авторская. Смотрим:
Hi, darlings!
Here comes my new Queen Anne. I LOVE the result! She is made of liquid polymer clay "Flumo", paper clay & partly (hands and legs) of wood (hand carved). Painted with acrylic & oil paints. Her hands and legs are reinforced with a wire, so she can change her poses. 
The hair is made of real human hair. It has been painted, washed & arranged in a Victorian style hair.  She 15,5in. tall, she wears an antique style embroidered cotton  gown, cotton underwear, little handmade panier, lace bonnet, tiny leather shoes, decorated with the buckles. Also she wears a beautiful handmade glass earrings & lovely little chatelain. All her clothes are removable.
Every detail of her clothes is "antiqued", art-damaged & painted with coffee to make it look like it is 300 years old! She  comes with a beautiful handmade wooden stand. 

И немного процессов.
And a few pictures of a processes.

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