Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Here comes new Qeen Anne doll repro Mademoiselle Ginger.

Hello everybody! The new doll is ready! It was a very hard month making her....... She is so naughty and capricious! It's the first time I was making the doll with unstoppable troubles. But here she is now, she is really interesting, with the beautiful patina and the wisdom of the ages in her eyes. 
She is made of wood, hand-carved. Her eyes are from glass and handmade for a special order. Her knees and hips are jointed and articulated. Painted with oil & acrylic paints. Finish cover is wax. 
The hair is made of real human hair. It has been washed & arranged.  She 14,5 in. tall, she wears blue taffeta and velvet gown with a beautiful corset & stomacher. Also she has cotton underwear, tiny shoes & antique lace bonnet. She wears a beautiful handmade earrings and the matching necklace. This doll is totally handmade. Every stitch on her clothes is made by hand. All of her clothes and shoes are removable!
Enjoy Lady Ginger!


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