Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hey guys! How were you doing last two weeks? Here in my country we are just drowning in the rains..... I feel like kind of a fish already! Hoping to see some sun in a close future.....
Another one wooden girl is ready to be represented. Here comes Loison!
She is
 made of wood, hand-carved. Her eyes are from glass and handmade for a special order. Her knees & hips are jointed and articulated. Covered with gesso. Painted with oil & acrylic paints. Finish cover is wax. 
The hair is made of real human hair. It has been washed & arranged.  She is 14 in. tall, she wears silk gown. Also she has a silk underwear, tiny shoes, cotton stockings and nice flowered bonnet, beautiful apron made of antique lace, sweet red earrings. All of her clothes and shoes are removable. All the closes are 100 handmade.

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